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In The Media

Sourcing Media Articles

Since Kids Free 2B Kids started raising awareness about the sexualisation of children in February 2007, the issue has been frequently highlighted in the media and there is now a wide range of material on the topic readily available on the internet. As we do not have the resources to collate this material for you, the best way to source media stories is to google key words and phrases such as:

  • Sexualisation of Children in the Media
  • Kids Free 2B Kids.
  • Julie Gale.
  • Teens and Sexualised Culture.
  • Senate Inquiry into Sexualisation of Children
  • Depression/Self Harm/Anxiety and the Sexualisation of Children.
You will see a sample search on  the link below or can search the archived media articles.
Also look through the 'Latest News' section of the website for further articles and information.

In order to get the most relevant results for your search make sure that you specify any relevant parameters such as particular newspaper or journal names.

If you need help looking for a specific article please contact us.

Bonds sells bras for girls of 6. Elissa Doherty. The Herald Sun. 29/9/10
Lady Gaga and the death of sex. Camille Paglia. The Sunday TImes. 12/9/10
Porno pic cyber-bullying at 'epidemic level'. 13/9/10
Mum stunned over racy ad response. Elissa Doherty. The Herald Sun. 13/8/10
Saucy film clips too raunchy...Elissa Doherty. The Herald Sun. 13/8/10
Violence, sex and the little boys lost. Stephen Lunn. The Australian. 22/5/10
Porn link with school assaults. Bruce McDougall. The Daily Telegraph. 21/5/10
Graphic images delay censor report. Mary-Anne Toy. The Age. 5/4/10
Call for soft porn curb rejected. Ari Sharp. The Age 6/4 /10
Put soft porn out of view:experts. Mary-Anne Toy. The Age. 5/4 /10
The Sexualisation of Children. Julie Gale. ABC Unleashed. 3/3 08
The market is eating our children. Dr Emma Rush. On Line Opinion.      16/2/ 10
Boycott call on tot shop, (Cotton On) Cheryl Critchley. The Herald Sun. 19/11/09

The graphic sexual imagery in many top 40 songs - do you know what's on your childs ipod? Penny Marshall. Daily Mail UK. 13/11/09

Parent Booze Fines. Evonne Barry. The Herald Sun. 15/11/09
In their sites. John Silvester. The Age. 16/1109
Too late for a soft sell? Tom Reilly. The Age. 1511/09
Police warn of sexual assaults on teenage girls. John Silvester. The Age. 16/11/09
Little girls are the new sex objects. Gemma Jones and Clementine Cuneo. The Daily Telegraph. 7/10/09
Bras, makeup and high heels for 3 year olds. Much wrong with that? Mia Freedman. Mamamia Blog. 6/10/09
Advertising reveals a society of double standards. Karen Brooks. The Courier Mail. 8/9/09
Sex-driven culture bad for kids. Sarah Elks. The Australian. 22/9/09
Counselling for young sexually abusing peers. Gemma Jones. The Daily Telegraph. 610/09
The Sexualisation of Boys and Girls. Jen Vuk. Eureka 13/11/09
National Eating Disorders Association Supports Real Women Campaign. Earth Times. 10/11/09. (To read statement go to resources then links, then 'research')
Booze putting teen brains at risk. Jennifer Sheridan. The Age. 1/11/09
Schools are a marketer's dream venue. Paul Harrison. The Age. 22/10/09
Manufacturers, Retailers And Advertisers Take Note. 20/10/09
Youth bingeing our dirty little secret. Glenda Korporaal. The Australian. 12/4/08
No 'safe' amount of alcohol for teens. The Herald Sun. 13/4/09
Aussie kids 'having first drink aged 10'. Tory Sheperd. The Advertiser. 8/09/09

Freedom of speech has limits when it's about exploiting children. Alastair Nicholson.The Age. 4/08/09

Let's fight smutty ads. Karen Brooks. Courier Mail. 9/08/09
Man, 20, jailed for sex with girls. Damien Brown. The Mercury. 17/10/09
Steve Biddulph - on the sexualisation of children. 12/4/07
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